🌞👙Welcome to Miami

Not to be dramatic, but I cried when the sun touched my skin for the first time in a very long time this week, and I don’t even live in a place touched by the polar vortex a couple weeks ago. After months (or more like a year) spent indoors and feeling gloomy about the weather, getting a couple days of sunny, 65° weather made my mood skyrocket.

It made me start wondering what it would be like to live somewhere warm and sunny and close to the water all of the time. Would my life change? Would I become a happier person? Would I feel more energy and workout more? The partially-cloudy skeptic in me says no, but the Island Life I’ve been binging on Discovery+ says otherwise. (Trust me the subscription is worth it for House Hunters: Comedians on Couches alone.) Naturally, I’ve also been thinking about Miami because of how much Mayor Francis Suarez has been campaigning for tech workers from San Francisco to move to Miami. As much as I believe in the Bay Area long-term, The Golden Girls’ house did make me wonder what kind of house you could even get in Miami.

Here are the my favorites on the market in Miami right now.

The Zig-Zag Modern

Location: 10625 SW 89th Ct, Miami, FL 33176
List Price: $949,900
Listing: https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/10625-SW-89th-Ct-Miami-FL-33176/44283677_zpid/

When I first saw this house, I was intrigued by the angular exterior but wasn’t expecting much. Still, the idea of a brutalist ranch style home interested me. I knew that I was probably in for a treat when I saw that the entranceway to the home is a path over the swimming pool.

But I was still surprised when I saw the interiors. They are not the gloomy, short, cold interiors I was imagining. The house is warm and bright with tall ceilings and lots of light. It feels like a minimalist, tropical version of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House.

The house has a subtle tropical Miami vibe with its lofty wood-clad ceilings, exposed beams, and loads of windows. The windows in this home bring even more personality to the space with smaller clerestory windows in the larger areas and angled ones that mimic the zig-zag of the concrete bricks in the smaller areas.

I can’t imagine a better place to live out my Golden Girls fantasies.

The Tropical Modern

Location: 3571 N Prospect Dr, Miami, FL 33133
List Price: $2,990,000

Honestly, I am a sucker for a house with a courtyard. So this old stone entrance with a lush looking courtyard pulled me right in. And boy what a courtyard it is. The entrance to this house is a tropical-plant-lined path that feels like it could be drawing you to an old world house, except for the stunning turquoise pool at the center of the courtyard.

The interiors of this home were also surprising in that they were neither the old stone or the ultra stark modern that the exterior implies. Inside, you’ll find a contemporary getaway. The home brilliantly pairs white with natural textures throughout. My favorite space is the open living room and dining room space with wood paneled walls and a dramatic, sculptural white staircase.

This home feels like a personal tropical resort, and is exactly the kind of place that I would love to live in to relax, recharge, and bask in how nice it is to be in a place with sun.

The Mediterranean

Location: 675 NE 71st St, Miami, FL 33138
List Price: $650,000
Listing: https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/675-NE-71st-St-Miami-FL-33138/43827601_zpid/

I can’t imagine moving to Miami and not living in a Mediterranean or Art Deco place. This particular Mediterranean is basically my ideal Miami home. It has beautiful details including arched openings, wood ceiling, and this stunningly carved stone fireplace.

I also love this retro salmon tile bathroom. If I owned this home, I would love to bring out even more retro character with modern sensibilities.

This home also has amazing outdoor space with a large patio that’s perfect for outdoor entertaining (when it’s safe) and a lush yard filled with tropical plants. In my opinion, the only thing this house is missing is a pool/hot tub combo and some tropical drinks.

The Contemporary

Location: 13500 SW 66th Ave, Pinecrest, FL 33156
List Price: $3,000,000
Listing: https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/13500-SW-66th-Ave-Pinecrest-FL-33156/44025876_zpid/

It wouldn’t be an issue about Miami without featuring a Contemporary style home that has some quintessential 80’s Miami flair. This particular home was appealing to me because of the lush grounds, and understated glamour. For a Contemporary mansion, this home has a refined palette and some softer touches that make it feel luxurious even in a modern way.

Unfortunately, the listing only offers a glimpse of the interiors, and many of them are pretty… normal and average. With the right interior design/architect touch, this home could be transformed into someone’s glamorous Miami fantasy.